Timo Dufner

Circles is an investigation of the connectedness of the polyphony and the position by creating a conversation between animated circles, spatial sound and the visitor in a virtual space. Through their own infinite movements in a circle the different sound sources create a continuous, slightly changing soundscape. By moving in this area every visitor creates his own composition, his own virtual soundwalk. The user remains constantly an observer and has no influence on what may be happening. Only the line of sight and position in the sound field change his own hearing and seeing experience. In addition to emitting sound each audio source is deformed by its own generated sound. Circles captivates users and creates an immersive and relaxing environment in their browser.


This work is based on an idea for VR developed in the course “Audio Environments” by Prof. Thorsten Greiner / State University of Music & Furtwangen University


This installation works best with chrome/chromium or similar. Please use headphones and full screen mode  for a better room experience

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