Tate Carson is an immersive audiovisual installation that explores a possible networked future of peer-to-peer technologies, away from the cloud. Participants experience the work via two to four smartphones placed in different locations in a room. As participants walk up to a phone, they see a representation of themselves through data. If the participant gets close enough, the phone triggers a change in the sound of and the other phones follow. creates the opportunity for a shared space with participants by using technology in a collective way. It requires the phones to act together, and out of their hands, not as individuals as is usual in this era of personalized devices. Experiencing presents an opportunity for a restoration of attention that might have been lost by an overuse of technology in the typical way.


This work needs 2-4 smartphones (iPhone or Android) connected to the internet via WiFi or a cellular network. All sound during the installation is played over the phones. A participant joins the network by going to and entering the ID of a chosen “host” phone. Though the “host” phone doesn’t need to enter any ID to play, the participant still needs to press join to start the sounds. No extra software is required to participate.

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