Posters and Demos 23rd

Posters and Demos – 23rd July

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Morning Session – Drop-In Time: 11:30-12:30, 23 July

SnoeSky and SonicDive – Design and Evaluation of Two Accessible Digital Musical Instruments for a SEN School A. Förster, C. Komesker, N. Schnell – website

MINDMIX: Mapping of brain activity to congruent audio mixing features D. Williams – video

ParaSampling: A Musical Instrument with Handheld Tapehead Interfaces for Impromptu Recording and Playing on a Magnetic Tape J. Min Han, Y. Kakehi – video

ExSampling: a system for the real-time ensemble performance of field-recorded environmental sounds A. Kobayashi, R. Anzai, N. Tokui – video[1], video[2], video[3]

Performing Audiences: Composition Strategies for Network Music using Mobile Phones A. Xambó, G. Roma – slides

A Tangible Music Sequencer that Appliesthe Action of a Speaker Mechanismon a Real Object to a Sound Source A. Fukuda, T. Baba – video

User-Defined Mappings for Spatial Sound Synthesis H. von Coler, S. Lepa, S. Weinzierl – website, video

A Laptop Ensemble Performance System using Recurrent Neural Networks R. Proctor, C. Martin – video

ScreenPlay: A Topic-Theory-Inspired Interactive System G. Meikle – video

Elemental: a Gesturally Controlled System to Perform Meteorological Sounds T. Brizolara, S. Gibet, C. Larboulette – pdf, text, video

Afternoon Sesson – Drop-In Time: 16:00-17:00, 23 July

Indeterminate Sample Sequencing in Virtual Reality C. Mitchusson – website

Composing computer generated music, an observational study using IGME: the Interactive Generative Music Environment S. Hunt, T. Mitchell, C. Nash – website

Vodhrán: collaborative design for evolving a physical model and interface into a proto-instrument L. Pardue et al. – video

WELLE – a web-based music environment for the blind J. Vetter – video

Inexpensive Colour Tracking to Overcome Performer ID Loss R. Pritchard, I. Lavery – video, website, pdf, text

SmartDrone: An Aurally Interactive Harmonic Drone T. MacDonald, J. Hughes, B. MacKenzie – slides

Towards a Human-Centric Design Framework for AI Assisted Music Production A. Tsiros, A. Palladini – video, pdf, text

Mondgewächse: a Collaborative Methodology for Audiovisual Mappings in Inclusive Instrument Design P. Alessandrini et al. – video[1], video[2]

Stretchi H. Aynsley – video link
Cycling 74 link