Posters and Demos 22nd

Posters and Demos – 22nd July

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Morning Session – Drop-In Time: 11:30-12:30, 22 July

Brainwaves-driven Effects Automation in Musical Performance G. Filandrianos et al. – video

Intra-Actions: Experiments with Velocity and Position in Continuous Controllers E. Nyström – video

Όλοι: music making to scaffold social playful activities and self-regulation A. Nonnis, N. Bryan-Kinns – video

Rebus is not just a Theremin E. Oreggia, C. Parini – video

Interactive Mobile Musical Application using faust2smartphone R. Weng – pdf, text

Sound Based Sensors for NIMEs S. Leitman – website

Words to Music Synthesis M. Krzyzaniak – website

URack: Audio-visual Composition and Performance using Unity and VCV Rack M. Hughes, A. Johnston – video

A Taxonomy of Spectator Experience Augmentation Techniques O. Capra, F. Berthaut, L. Grisoni – website

Afternoon Session – Drop-In Time: 16:00-17:00, 22 July

EXPANDING ACCESS TO MUSIC TECHNOLOGY- Rapid Prototyping Accessible Instrument Solutions For Musicians With Intellectual Disabilities Q. Holland et al. – pdf, text, video, github

Immersive Dreams: A Shared VR Experience A. MacLean – video

Designing Brain-computer Interfaces for Sonic Expression S. Venkatesh, E. Braund, E. Miranda – pdf, text

Animation, Sonification, and Fluid-Time: A Visual-Audioizer Prototype T. Olsen – video[1], video[2]

The KeyWI: An Expressive and Accessible Electronic Wind Instrument M. Caren, R. Michon, M. Wright – website

Excello: exploring spreadsheets for music composition A. Sarkar, H. Mattinson – video

Semi-Automated Mappings for Object-Manipulating Gestural Control of Electronic Music V. de las Pozas – website

Playful Audio-Visual Interaction with Spheroids Y. Ikawa, A. Matsuura – video

Cross-platform and Cross-reality Design of Immersive Sonic Environments A. Çamcı et al. – website

P(l)aying Attention: Multi-modal, multi-temporal music control N. Gold et al. – pdf, text link
Cycling 74 link